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Dr Awkward's Lyric Acrostics


If you were expecting dancing bacon gifs and java apps, sorry. What's offered here are free printable double acrostics in PDF format. Someday I'll learn to make a java app, but until then you can print the .pdf and do the puzzle with a pencil. Paper was good enough for Granny, it's good enough for you.

These word puzzles are built on song lyrics. Perfect for punk librarians. Expect anything from Leonard Cohen to Liz Phair, Sloan to Sly and the Family Stone. It would be most uncanuck of me to not apologize for the content from Canada, so, ummm, sorry.

Look for new acrostic word puzzles every few weeks!, err, make that weeks or months.

LyrAcrostics are available for syndication to weekly alternative papers and weekend entertainment sections of daily papers. Interested in a new syndicated feature for your publication? Contact Dr Awkward below.

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What's an acrostic and how do they work?

words in acrostics diagram Acrostics are a satisfying blend of crossword puzzle and hangman. Simply read the clues, fill in the letters over the numbered blanks, and copy the letters into the diagram. The letters in the upper right corner of each diagram square refer back to the parent clue. Using your Wheel of Fortune skills work backwards to solve the trickier clues. When completed the diagram will contain song lyrics. Be warned that the song quotation lacks punctuation, apostrophes and hyphens. Some countries spell "honour" and "colour" with a u. Often singers drop trailin' g's. Others are gonna use informal language.

The initial letters of the answers to the clues spell the name of the musical group/artist and/or the album/song title from whom/where the lyrics are taken. Technically that makes these double crostics. These puzzles are also known as quote-puzzles, anacrostics, or lyricrostics.

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